Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I will survive.

I wrote my last post the evening after an extremely long week and just as long of a weekend. I was exhausted and thankful at the same time. I accepted that I was not able to get everything done I had wanted to, and ended up deciding to put off a speech I needed to do for one of my class. The next day was Monday which didn't provide much relief. I came home, write the speech, and recorded it waaaaaay late in the evening. I turned it in knowing it would probably be docked down for being late. Tuesday morning I woke up to a surprising email from my professor with my grade for the speech. (He is an east-coaster, but I still didn't expect my grade!) Low and behold, I earned a 97%. I was shocked and surprised. And even through all the chaos lately, I realize..... I WILL SUR

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