Monday, April 4, 2011

Let’s get the party started…. Again!

I’ve taken way toooooo long of a break away from this blog. So consider this a refresh! Many things have happen and many more things are going to be happening so it’s not like I’ve have a lack of material, just motivation.

A few updates before we move forward…..

Animal House: We had to a make a tough decision in January and put Tiki in to rescue. Her anxiety and panic attacks made it had for us to be away for too long. So each work day was a struggle for her at home. The rescue group we worked with was amazing, and through many tears I put her in the care of a couple who while fostering her, worked with her on family protection security skills. She did well, and I am happy to say just a week ago she was placed in to her new home in Canada with her owner and a bunch of horses, cats, and a Chihuahua. We were worried about how Roxie would behave once we took Tiki out of the house. But nothing seems to ever really affect a Pug’s mood!

These Shoes Were Made For Walking: In September I completed the 2010 3 Day Walk with many bruises, blisters, and a couple stress fractures. I have since healed, can walk in heels again, and am signed up to participate in the 2011. When trying to decide if I should walk again, somebody asked me “why not?”. I realized then I had no reason not to. So let the fundraising begin… again! :-)

Fireman, Fireman!: Kyle continues to add to his volunteer firefighter experience while he also continues to test for different departments. In addition to training every Thursday, and working every Friday, he now is involved in his second academy as an instructor for the new volunteers.

Back to School: After much talk, and no action, I finally found some motivation and am heading back to school to finish my degree. Starting next week I will be taking classes through City University in order to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication with an Emphasis in Social Media. I am so excited to get started….. more so then I ever think I was back in my original “college days”.

Which Way to The Gym?: Kyle and I begin going to the gym in January….. get this….. before work! We’ve been pretty steady about going, with the exception of the last few weeks, but our getting back in to the swing of things. It’s something that for some reason never seemed like a reasonable option. But it’s been really great for both of us. In addition to the gym, I’ve been pretty routine with attending a hip-hop class once a week, and just started attending Zumba classes once or twice a week. Aside from getting the chance to shake my “money maker”, I’ve love getting the chance to be more active lately.

29 is Oh So Fine: Both Kyle and I :-) Over the last year we learned a lot about ourselves, each other, about losing, and about loving, and are excited for what’s to come!

A couple pictures to bring us up to the present, in no particular order……
Qwest Nov 2010

Fierce & Fab! Rwarrr! April 2011
Hawk Time March 2011

1st Wedding Anniversary Nov 2010

Playoffs! Jan 2011

So Pugly Cute! March 2011

Lights, Sirens, Fire Trucks! March 2011
Game Time! Nov 2011
One Big Kiss for Children's Hospital Radiothon March 2011

We're In!...The Seahawks
Locker Room! Nov 2010

Seattle 3 Day for the Cure Sept 2010

1st Time Blood Donor w/
a Fear of Needles Feb 2010

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