Sunday, June 13, 2010

With a Knick Knack Paddy Whack, Give a Dog a Bone!

The weather is finally representing the correct time of year. So what else to do but get a good training walk in, as well as get some of Tiki’s overly anxious energy out! While she may not know it, she’s turned in to my walking partner! We took a great walk around Maple Valley, and accidently made a 3(+) mile route from our house, past Elk Run, past 4 Corners, and back. The heat felt great, although it started to get to Tiki in the last part as she slowed her pace a lot. All the more reason to get out more often with her! On a side note, we walked past a Mexican restaurant that was having some sort of mariachi band/horse competition... yes you read that right. Tiki was a bit sketchy when we walked by... and I’m not sure if it was from the parking lot packed full of horses, or from all the men in silver studded outfits and wide-brimmed sombreros!

Post-walk, we got a knock on our door from our neighbor who had in her hands a bone that she wanted to offer up to our dogs. Pretty funny site, to open the door and have the lady from next door holding the bone you’ll see below. They had bought it for their dogs, however I do believe the bone was the size of both their dogs put together. We’re not quite sure what kind of bone it is, but Kyle and I are content in assuming it is the femur from a T-Rex. Needless to say, Tiki adores the bone and gnaws at it any chance she can get. Roxie on the other hand may look like she’s staring with jealousy in the pic below, but I assure you she is quick to follow Tiki and “vacuum” up any and all scraps.

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