Saturday, June 5, 2010

Polish-ville & Magpie Armies (5/15-16)

Made an overnight trip to Lake Limerick, near Shelton with my mom to stay with my Aunt Bonnie & Uncle Budd. I should start by correcting the fact that while Lake Limerick is completely not connected to Poland and is in no way influenced by Polish, it actually has an Irish influence, for whatever reason I’ve always referred to it as Polish-ville with no good reason other then the funny writing on all the street signs.

Our trip down was to attend the Magpie Luncheon and Fashion Show. Yes, you heard me right…. Fashion Show. And if you are wondering what the Magpies are, they claim to be a group of ladies who focus on raising money for the Lake Limerick Inn, however I am pretty sure they may be an undercover army whose main purpose is to take over the world along with having weekly card nights! (I've been reassured the arym part is not true and they really do a great job of raising money.) My Aunt Bonnie is the treasurer, and if you’ve ever played cards with her you know she like to hold the money! :-)

It actually is a really good show of clothes pulled together from two different boutique shops in the area. What I found more entertaining though was the fact that some ladies found it to be appropriate to clang their glasses every time the room set up poorly for acoustics got to loud. As if clanging your glass wasn’t going to just make things louder. Ah, ladies!

Overall a great time as always, and a very relaxing quick trip. A couple pictures from the weekend…


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