Thursday, July 8, 2010

Real Men Golf in Pink 4 a Cure!

Monday was a day off of work to recover from what only can be described as the war zone we know as “The 4th”! After spending the evening at home with the husband and our narcotic animals, who I should mention are still narcotic even on a healthy dose of tranquilizer, I spent the morning on Monday content to stay in my PJ’s as long as I possible could. Before I spent too much time window shopping online, I got a call from my dad. He was golfing that day in a Sole Survivor match, and wanted to have me come watch and to make a sign for him so he could raise a little moolah for the 3-Day. I should mention, it was 11:30am at the time he called, and the match started at 2pm. factoring in a shower, getting presentable, and making a sign, and making my way to meet my mom and make it to the course on time, I was slightly short on time. (Inset comment from most everybody that knows me – I am never ready on time!)

After a getting ready, making a stop by the dollar store for signage materials (poster board & a big fat permanent marker), I made met my mom and had her drive so that I could compose the work of art you will see below.

I should note that my dad sported a pink golf shirt that day, played earlier in the day with a pink golf ball, and used a pink tee. During the match, one of the ladies at the course even gave him a pink ribbon ball marker to use. Oh, and the kicker, him and my mom were the lucky bidders who took home the pink and purple golf bag from our auction. So even was sporting his clubs in the Hope bag!

While he may not have been “The Last Man Standing” that day, my dad did golf very well, I got to spending time in the cart with my mom at the wheel (she’s not yet used to the brake on Dad’s new cart), warmed up in the start of our summer sun, and with the help of my dad and the Glen Acre’s Men’s club we raised $182 to go towards my 3 Day funds!

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